Sunday, February 5, 2012

Old suitcase
Smells of places I've never been
Trips I'll never take
Old guitar
Echoes with songs I've never heard
Words I'll never sing
Old heart
Beating for people I've never met
Love I'll never feel
Old soul
Longing for peace I've never felt
Empty I'll never fill

Thursday, March 17, 2011

open letter to everyone

my dearest everyone,

i hope you never feel small or useless
i hope you never feel alone or unlovable

i know at time you will feel lost
i know at times you will feel angry

i will try to be there for you if i can
i will try to say just the right thing

never forget that i really truly love you
but remember i am fallible like everyone

please understand that God is always there
please understand that His love is perfect

in love and honesty,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

people worry about people worrying about them
and my mind is full of worries and there's not room

so many people hurting and you crying so quietly

if i take one more step in your direction
i am afraid your heart will break all over me

and i just don't have time to pick up the pieces

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the flood

I fear I am alone now
My wings so tired
Free as a bird so long
But far from my God
My life, my choices
My family, my home
They are merily memory now
The land below me swallowed
The heavens above sheding tears
They cried for me
But much too late
My feathers tattered
As I search
My vision fading
Above me, below me
Nothing but blue
The lost son
Never to return
The flood
With no redemption
No where to land
No where to rest
No where to die
My wings so tired
I know I am alone now

Monday, July 12, 2010



i never met you
and don't know if i ever will

but i see us in bed
lying there in the faint light

i will tell you a secret
and you will hear it

you will really hear it
and you won't tell a soul

you will carry it forever
but don't let it weight you down

for your beauty fills the room
and your kindness calms my heart

but if your forgiving eyes look away
i swear my heart will break in two

it will break in two

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Am

I am the King
the one they've been waiting on
my mother is Mary
and my father a descendent of David
I am the fulfillment
The answer to a 1000 year promise

I am filled with love
My Father sustains me always
Trails I have faced
but to none have I fallen
I bring a message
it's filled with hope and redemption

however, as I set out
with this kingdom before me
I feel something looming
a future of pain yet to be told
it troubles me
this impending pain that awaits me

I feel my arms spread
and know my blood will spill
I hear echoes of voices
they accuse me and sentence me
they will destroy me
for they do not believe it is I

fate awaits me
with names of all and all to come
they are written
they are all upon me as I step out
but I do walk
I step forward as faith fills me

for I know my Father
His heart is mine and mine His
and I know this love
it will not end in darkness
I believe in hope
even as the darkest night's upon us

a morning will surely come
and bring new light to this broken world

Monday, March 29, 2010


this balloon, once so meaningful
now lays on the ground
of no fault of it's own
it will fly no more

if only I had forseen events
when my joy first dwindled
I surely would have let it go
but I put myself first